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Iron Maiden is the most influential bands in the flow of heavy metal world. Band that is often imitated this already exceeds the 30-year-old pumping rock wildness, as one of the heavy metal band that is full of success to date, Iron Maiden have sold more than 70 million records worldwide. Although never failed to gain the attention of the media in the U.S. (to be satanic because they criticized their dark musical themes and use them creepy mascot “Eddie”), they remain famous throughout the world and it remains consistent to their popularity in the course of their careers. Iron Maiden is one group that is classified as “British Metal” and close to Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and other bands in the arena rock of the 80s.

Iron Maiden The story begins in 1971, when Steve Harris was 15 years old, he was inspired by the likes of Wishbone Ash, Jethro Tull and early Genesis generation, he bought a bass guitar replica Telecaster and behave like a nobleman to pay £ 40. Harris previously had a vision of the harbor when one day playing football and his love of West Ham United and he signed up as a young player at the football school. However, talent and organization of young players the Hammers at the time was far from a professional system. Continuing to play and practice regime also means that small Harris could not join his teammates do have a drink, watch bands and disturbing woman.

After thinking long and hard, he abandoned hopes of a football career and build up the strength to love and understand the rock music. He thinks that how he plays with his favorite records and play music with his friends. He led the formation of the band by the name of Influence and later changed their band name to Gypsy’s Kiss. Gypsies made their debut in the talent contest in Poplar, the end of all the goals with the mention of this is the day. Harris fired by ambition harbored by a band called Smiler. Some of the other band members older than him. Harris took some valuable experience but still felt helpless. Smiler a band “good time boogie” and even if they never played a version of “Innocent Excile” earlier, they turn back the “hidden ambition” and made clear that they did not expect the bass player to manager and leader and songwriter. Harris finally realize that only by forming a band together and at the end of 1975 IRON MAIDEN born. Harris gets its name from Iron Maiden to see the old movie with the title “The Man In The Iron Mask”. It is an iron coffin with sports shoes inside and the victim was placed inside and stabbed (like meat) to death.

In the spring of 1976, the band ensures secure a place in the Cart and Horses Pub in Stratford East London. The first pair looks ok, but Harris still felt something was missing. Singer Paul Day was replaced ex-Smiler Dennis Wilcock and he recommended a talented young guitarist named Dave Murray. This puts back the resident guitarists Terry Rance and Paul Sullivan who insult their talent and departure. Bob Sawyer, who used the name Bob D’Angelo, was recruited as second guitarist and with Ron Rebel on drums the first create a formation that deserves Iron Maiden. At the initial formation of both bands to get a goal in the entire East London, formed the local force. After 6 months, the formation changed again. Bob came out to the trouble of trying to balance the guitar Murray. Bob kept trying to compete with it – definitely not a contest. Then, after a row at The Bridgehouse, Den fired Murray who want to join with Urchin, the band where his old friend, Adrian Smith.

With all sorts of strife, the band decided freely while the concept of two guitars and Terry Wapram join a single guitar and Tony Moore was recruited to play keyboards. Ron Rebel decided not to handle the aggravation and also left the band to be replaced Barry Purkis – who then calls him Thunderstick. Formation latest play to one goal at The Bridgehouse and it was filled with pain that the keyboard is not the answer. Exit Moore followed Wapram claims that do not follow the game without a keyboard! Harris came to the Urchin to persuade Murray to rejoin the pack Maiden. Den, then stop before the destination in South London and when Thunderstick also go, something like a grim look. Harris recruited ex-Smiler drummer Doug Sampson, and when they saw the three of them exercise a new singer.

Eventually, a friend of Steve’s recommended Paul Di’Anno. Paul passed the audition with flying colors and the band formed when they return. It is difficult at first in 1977 is the Punk / New Wave revolution full of rhythm and many places of the event shows just ordered a new wave flow. The record company felt the same. Bands receive offers, if they are prepared to cut hair and a punk. No point in saying you will guess the answer Harry.

Late in 1978, the situation enough to allow the band to improvise and make them play again and get a regular show. They realized that they needed a demo and to show their new year at Spaceward. Some studios near Cambridge recording “Prowler”, “Invasion”, and “Iron Maiden”. Recording session to pay £ 200 and the band can not afford to buy the master tapes. When they returned several weeks later to pay for tapes and recordings, the tapes were erased, they just get the original tapes are not edited and do not in the mix. Murray gave the tape to Neal Kay, a DJ with a love of hard rock that often hold a regular rock nights at The Soundhouse, which coexist with Bandwagon Pubs in Kingsbury, North London. The band has found the ease of ordering and enlarge the appearance of their residence at The Ruskin Arms in Manor Park. Neal played the tape once in a night at the Soundhouse and he was astonished at the reaction. Cassette demo also got the attention of Rod Smallwood. Rod was a friend of rugby, who also worked with Harris trying to tape and after listening to him, volunteered to be Manager. Ron set the appearance to the entire country to allow the band to form a vast power in the country and also set the appearance at or near the center of London to get record companies to be aware of Iron Maiden. One appearance was at The Marquee on October 13. John Darnley from EMI saw Iron Maiden and Ron’s bet with the manager of The Marquee that their performances will be sold (700 fans) at 7pm. Rod won the stake and EMI signed the band next month. What followed was the music of the oppressed are endless from a band that packed the power to be part of heavy metal-IRON MAIDEN.

Iron Maiden was released in 1980 from critics and a commercial success. The band became the opening moment in 1980 when the concert tour of Kiss, Unmasked Tour Concert, the opening band’s song selection is as good as the legendary Judas Priest. After the Kiss tour, Dennis Stratton was fired from the band due to creative differences and personal results. Finally, at the right time came Adrian Smith. Smith brings a melody, a strange sound to Iron Maiden. Bluesnya Smith, sound experiments that complement the speed of the game against Murray, style lightning speed. One characteristic of the identity of Iron Maiden is a stylish double “twin lead”, the style of guitar harmony between Murray and Smith, a pioneer of the style of Wishbone Ash and the Allman Brothers Band, it is the result of a whole new level of style of Iron Maiden.

In 1981, Maiden released their second album titled Killers. This album contains the most popular songs of the band’s first and they are introduced to the audience in the U.S.. At this moment when the appearance kebintangan they become the New Wave British Heavy Metal, even though the band was originally from England but flooding the U.S. market. Killers left one of the fastest and the rest of the band’s heaviest album, and leaving a favorability among fans of hardcore music.

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